Every so often, a politician gets religion. This has in the past manifested itself in attempts to put ten arbitratry commandments (out of at least 613 in the Bible) on a great huge stone in an effert to get people to stop killing and stealing and fucking around and disrrespecting their parents and working on Saturdays. Now, the courts tend to frown on this, but they can’t object to a nice patriotic display, can they?

Following the same line of reasoning, Rep. Daniel Lungren (R–California), following the lead of Sen. Jim DeMint (R–South Carolina), has introduced a bill to have the nation’s motto engraved in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Now, turns out the nation’s motto is the arguably religious “In God We Trust.” But Congress clearly doesn’t intend anything religious by it, as demonstrated by the fact that they’re also having the Pledge of Allegiance (to “one nation under God”) placed alongside it. So this has nothing to do with DeMint’s complaint that the CVC “portray[s] the federal government as the fulfillment of human ambition and the answer to all of society’s problems” and is generally insufficiently God-obsessed.

Fortunately, for a mere $150,000 in the middle of a recession, that can now be fixed. It’s certainly vital that Congress act on this ugent matter, this separation plaguing church and state, now that all this country’s other problems have been fixed

Just be glad I’m not telling you all about the southern sea otter