Have you heard the latest outrage by Barack Obama? He’s spending a whole $200 of taxpayer money—enough to buy David Paterson a toaster—to put a vegetable garden on the White House grounds (or, rather, Michelle is, being the woman, because according to the media Y chromosomes apparently interfere with plant growth).

This just demonstrates how little respect Obama has for the institution of the presidency. He’s selfishly using the space for his own personal projects, unlike the putting green built for notorious golf-hater Dwight Eisenhower. From the liberal side, supporters of this have been compared to the Khmer Rouge.

According to the plan of the garden, there will be space for a greater variety of crops than is feasible for the average American (not to mention beehives). However, “green living” isn’t an all-or-nothing propsition; even doing what you can is better than nothing.