Statistics is hard. Anti-choice advocates went shopping for reasons why it’s dishonest to say that Planned Parenthood does a lot more not-abortion than abortion.

You see, according to their Annual Report (PDF), Planned Parenthood mostly provides contraception, and most of what isn’t contraception is STD and HIV testing. In particular, the organiztion provided contraceptive services to 3.9 million clients, STD screnings to 3 million, and pregnancy tests to 1.1 million in 2006, a year in which they preformed fewer than 290,000 abortions. By normal math, abortion constitutes 3% of the services Planned Parenthood provides

However, for fairly obvious reasons, every one of those women who had an abortion also had a pregnancy test. Presumably many of them were subsequently given contraception. According to some, those pregnancy tests and BC prescriptions somehow don’t count. That means that instead of 3% of PP’s services being abortion, 11% are abortion-and-pregnancy-test-and-whatever-else.

But why stop there? They probably also throw in pregnancy and STD tests with the tubals (600 or so in 2006) and reversible contraception procedures (2.4 million) they perform; no matter how you count those, that’s fewer non-abortions. Emergency contraception (1.4 million) is occasionally accompanied by STD and HIV tests, so we daren’t count those tests. Presumably some of the 800,000 people who had pregnancy tests and didn’t have abortions had those tests come up negative. Let’s add those negatives to the abortion count, just in case they would have terminated their pregnancies if they were pregnant.

There, we’ve demonstrated that Planned Parenthood does little else but abortions, and all we had to do was throw out most of their non-abortion services. It’s amazing what numbers can tell you if you ignore them.