This is a blog about science. People are always surprised when I say I’m interested in science for some reason. This is an introductory post laying out what science means to me, and so hopefully defining the blog’s scope in some way.

Science is a way of discovering facts about the world.

It operates according to widely accepted rules which ensure that “science” is more reliable than “shit some dude made up” or “what’s in a book a lot of people think is important.” One of the most important rules is, you gotta be able to watch it happening, thusly. All the rest is just commentary. Mythbusters is criticized for lacking rigor1, but they do actually demonstrate everything—you can watch it (and bear in mind that, as Steven J. Dubner pointed out, “statistics make for bad TV”).

1Which you’ll notice no one ever said about Mr. Wizard. I guess because he was older.